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Hello Veteran Spouses! The VSP team is thrilled to bring to you the Made For You Expressive Arts Workshop Series focusing on Self-Care. These sessions will be the first offerings to introduce the community to our standalone workshops. We are holding an introductory self-care expressive arts session three times this fall.


The theme will be “What Fills Your Cup?” We will explore this question through a sequence of mindfulness and creative expression activities while getting familiar with the five dimensions of self-care: emotional, social, intellectual, physical, and spiritual.


For more on expressive arts please see our Made For You project page. This work is meaningful and meant to foster reflection and connection so each session will be limited to 20 participants. To register for an upcoming session please visit our tickets and registration page.



Upcoming Workshops:

May 10th & 11th

9:30am- 2:30pm

Columbus, GA

Our hope is to run monthly sessions in a small group format this January thru May. Additionally, there will be an online component to allow for continued connection and deeper self-exploration through mindfulness and creativity. These monthly sessions are a pilot run in addition to our Storytelling Expressive Arts Workshop connected to event weekends with our touring theatre production, I Will Wait.


While the event weekend workshops focus on veteran's spouses getting in touch with their stories in relation to military lifestyle, deployments and war, the standalone workshops will focus on self-care to build residency and foster emotional well-being through creative expression and building community. It takes a lot of awareness, connection, insight, and purpose to weather the changes and challenges we endure as veteran's spouses.


VSP recognizes that our foundations for dealing with deployments and separations come long before our service members leave. And the importance of self-care is ever present in our daily lives during AND long after military service. Expressive arts foster nurturing in all of the self-care dimensions while making it fun and meaningful!


We hope you join us for a session totally MADE FOR YOU to share, listen, create, and connect to other veteran's spouses and explore the five dimensions of self-care this season on JBER.


Wendy Caldwell is our Expressive Arts Director and will be your facilitator for the workshops on JBER this season. To learn more about Wendy click here. To learn more about what to expect at a workshop chick here to read the participant letter. Also, stay tuned for our upcoming "Meet Wendy" blog post!

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