“Can I take a stab at writing some original music for your play?”

When David Todoran stopped me after seeing the workshop production of “I Will Wait” back in July 2015, I knew that I had to listen.  David is an incredibly well-regarded musician, singer/songwriter in Indiana and the thought of having him be a part of our show was beyond humbling. Here we are three years later, on the brink of recording six original songs by Todoran on an album for “I Will Wait”, with an incredible band of musicians and artists and all  that comes to mind is gratitude. To have artists of this quality, believe in and invest their time and talent into VSP, it makes me believe in what we do even more.

This show matters. These stories matter. This music matters.

We saw it change the lives of those who saw it in Alaska earlier this year. We’ll see it change the lives of those who see it in 2019. We were able to hear all the music at a fundraiser at Neat Neat Neat Records in Fort Wayne, Indiana this past summer where we had the opportunity to thank Todoran in person for all of his hard work.  The passion was there all over again. I held my husband’s hand, his return from Afghanistan seven weeks before, and the tears just fell. Todoran’s music stirred all those feelings buried deep in my soul once again and touched every single person in that room. We would love to continue to have your help and support as we raise money to record our album and share our production and workshops with more communities across America. We are just getting started, friends. Come along for the ride. This work matters.

“For Everyone Gone, Someone Waits,”

Amy Uptgraft

Founder/Playwright/Artistic Director of the Veteran’s Spouse Project.


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