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Save the Date!
February 24, 2022


The Veteran's Spouse Project cordially invites you - non-military, military, family, loved ones, and more - to the 2nd Annual Honoring All Military Ball to experience a time-honored military tradition. Traditions are essential to the military community, they are how we remember and honor the lineage of our units, our brothers and sisters in arms, and our fallen. The military ball has been one tradition reserved for those in uniforms and their spouses, but our civilian friends have always been enamored by the elusive military ball. So whether you are military or not, join us as we raise a glass on February 24th for a night spent Honoring All: all who wait, all who serve, all who support.

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The Veteran’s Spouse Project focuses on the military spouse experience to

heal, nurture, and strengthen active, veteran, and retired military families.

These are the stories of your families, friends and neighbors.

For every one gone, someone waits...

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Let's share, create, listen and connect.